Aaah…The Minor Leagues

In the middle of our first road trip, I’m realizing that triple-A – although it’s just one step away from the big leagues – is still very much the minor leagues. Let’s just say this trip to Tacoma brought back lots of memories from last season while I was still playing in the California leagues. The bus broke down on the way to the field yesterday! As if it wasn’t going to be an experience in the first place – after all, we had two players standing in the aisle and another up front by the driver – our twenty passenger bus became covered in a cloud of smoke on the I-5 forcing us to pull over. We sat in the shoulder for about thirty minutes before help arrived in the form of our strength coach’s rented Toyota mini-van which began shuttling players to the field from the site. It was quite an experience. Hopefully today the trip to the field will go a little bit better.

I apologize I haven’t posted in a little over a week. Another thing we have to deal with as minor leaguers is getting our living arrangements taken care of. We’re all moved in to our apartment, but we don’t have a whole lot moved in – if you catch my drift. No cable or internet yet. And very little furniture. Slowly but surely it’s coming together and will feel somewhat like home in the near future. In the meantime we’ll be wrapping up this four game series tonight in Tacoma, and the next time you’ll hear from me will be in the middle of a four game set in Portland!


Good ‘ol Minor League mishaps. They can happen to everyone. Well, keep it up, and good luck!

It was nice to see you at the UVA banquet back in Jan. Hope that you are doing very well at AAA. I am, of course, prejudiced in your favor!!! Hope to see you in the BIGS before too long!

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