I’m Back!…sort of

It’s been a while, huh?  Yea I know I said I’d call and everything but I was so busy.  I was thinking about you the entire time.  I really missed you.  Really!

Anyway a lot has happened since we last spoke.  Last time, my biggest issues were getting the cable and internet installed in the apartment.  It’s a good thing that got taken care of because for the next 6-8 weeks I’ll be writing to you from the couch, in front of th TV, and on the disabled list.  
Seems what we thought was tendonitis of the patella tendon in my left knee was actually a tear.  I did catch a lucky break that the creator of a revolutionary treatment procedure for treating such an injury is right here in Sacramento, so I’ve decided to put his reputation to the test.  We’ve decided to treat it using a process called PRP therapy – plasma rich platelet therapy.  They draw my blood from my arm, put it in a test tube and place it in a centrifuge.  This separates the platelets – the stuff in the blood that helps the blood to clot and repair damaged tissue – from the blood.  Then – this is the painful part – they reinject those platelets into the knee, to promote the rejuvination of the tissue.  At least I’m not terrified of needles right?
Now my biggest dilemmas are which recorded TV show I should watch or which movie I should go see at the theater right down the street or which book to read.  And great move by me investing in an xBox…I’m hooked on Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  
I know you all are getting ready to watch the Virginia Baseball Cavaliers in the ACC Championship game tonight.  They have to make up for the lacrosse team falling in the final four yesterday.  I’ll keep you guys posted.


Hey Sean,
I’m sorry to hear about your knees. Hopefully the plasma treatment is working. Knees are so painful.
You probably already know that Carignan had it done to his elbow before he left last month. He stayed with me for a couple of weeks.
We are still having Sunday dinners and would love if you ever wanted to join us. If it is too late, Julie has a guest bedroom. She bought a house about 3 miles away.
Gordon is staying here, if you didn’t already know. The other guys are a new catcher, Yusuf Carter and a pitcher, Mickey Storey. Steve Kleen has gotten us back to playing Taboo. Once Michael Affronti left, so did the games.
I’ve made it to a few A’s games to see Tommy, Cliff, Vinny, and Andrew. It is amazing they are in Oakland!
It is tri tip this Sunday. You are always welcomed here!!
Take care,

Hi Sean. Haven’t heard from you since May. How’s the rehab going? Where/when do you hope to play again? I, and other Wahoo fans, looking forward to seeing you back on the field soon. Bob

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