Round 2 tomorrow

My second of three injections into my knee is tomorrow. And even though it’s just past 8PM local time, I’m already getting nervious. I have a thing with needles…

It seems the only thing that could keep the River Kitties from getting another W was Mother Nature as they were postponed in Iowa.
I’m going to go play some guitar…hero…on xbox.
Do the NBA playoffs ever end?


I’m looking forward the little bit of time when baseball is the only sport going on. And guitar hero on xbox is awesome.

P.S. your blog is also awesome!

Sorry that you’re hurt, and sorry about the needles. Hope that you get better quickly, but until then, your blog has been super entertaining. This is probably the best player blog I’ve ever read.

Even when injured at least there’s always guitar hero to fall on. Needles suck and all but least its (depending on the injection) semi quick. Good luck and feel better.

Wait… Where did you go? Was the needle that bad?

And if it was, I need to share some wisdom. Never, ever get an MRI arthrogram. They inject a local anesthetic and then a metallic “dye” into your knee (for what seems like forever) and then take x-rays of it before sending you off for an hour-long MRI. Or if you get one, just know that it’s a little more uncomfortable than the docs in white coats make it sound.


How often do you get back to the ‘Ville?
How ’bout those ‘Hoos?! I bet it brings back a lot of memories, huh? Have you ever thought of getting back to the East coast?
(College, ’83)

Hi Sean:

This is Jack in Charlottesville. Today is my last day at Virginina baseball camp this year. I am almost 8.
What position are you going to play when you make it to the majors? Thank you for the signed program you gave me a few years ago. I still play hard and have fun like you told me.



We haven’t heard from you in a while. How is your rehab going? I think you have an excellent chance of making it to the big leagues once you resume playing ball again due to the all of the openings with the A’s. Let everyone know how you’re doing, ok?


Hi, Sean,

It’s been since May that you posted an article on your blog. Are you still on the DL? The Rivercats show you on the Active Roster, but your player page shows you haven’t played since May 10th. What’s happening with you these days? We miss your blog posts. Bee


We miss you on the blog. It’s been too long. Hope to hear from you soon.


Bee Hylinski
Author, “Contract Year,” a baseball novel to be published soon

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