The Dog Days of Spring…?

Salutations sports fans! We’re coming down the home stretch of spring training out here in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona…and it can’t end soon enough. The desert sun, early mornings, and long days have taken their toll. The days have started to blend together. And everyone is itching to get the season under way and start playing games that actually count!

Where my season will begin, however, I’m not yet sure. I have been working out with the triple-A Sacramento squad, but there is still a chance I’ll return to Midland, Texas, and begin the season in double-A. I should find out tomorrow, as we break camp on Monday. So don’t worry – when I know, you’ll know…because I know you’ve really been wondering!
Over the duration of this season I’ll try to give you a glimpse of what life is really like in the minor leauges. So after you read all the articles on for all of the “important” stuff, come on over and we’ll get you caught up on some of the goings on behind the scenes. And of course, if you really have something you really want to know about, hit me up – post a comment and I’ll try to drop some knowlegde with my next post. I’ll keep it as light as I can and try to have some fun over the course of a long season, so stay tuned!


It’s going to be great hearing from a former Kane County Cougar! I wish you luck this season Sean, and am excited to read your blogs from this season!

And just a question? What is your best memory from the Kane County Cougars?


I can’t wait to read more from you this season. Good luck!

Good luck hope to see you here in Iowa to face the Iowa Cubs. Nothing I love more than to see a player to succeed. Good luck.
Monument Park Talk
Photos of Yankee Stadium from AP on my blog

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